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It's over

2016-04-07 03:56:54 by Nickolas3543

Just fuck my shit up fam.

Mudkips anyone?

2013-06-08 16:43:34 by Nickolas3543

Herd you liek?

Mudkips anyone?


2013-02-26 17:17:56 by Nickolas3543

Why does NG insist on keeping trollish artists like golfingo? I mean No offence but his art is distirbing....

On an unrelated note , I Enjoy Mudkips,
wouldn't you concur?

Aw Meh Gawd

2013-01-25 16:43:09 by Nickolas3543

Pico should be banned, he constantly requests "crap to be balmed", or at least in a way..., and yay to new emoticons!


2012-11-27 20:25:21 by Nickolas3543

32% of NG isn't a troll, to that 32% thank you.

Aw Medals Glitched

2012-11-25 18:59:20 by Nickolas3543

How do you complete Zombies in in under 60 days, but not have concord Africa? i think it glitched


2012-11-22 18:25:50 by Nickolas3543

I HERD U LIEK MUDKIPZ :D!!!!111one!!1


2012-05-12 14:36:58 by Nickolas3543

Holy Dick Shit Ball Fuck Pizza Fuck...Shit...somthing...
Sim-man Is Alive???


2011-08-07 16:57:11 by Nickolas3543

i herd u lieks em?

I possibly know who he is and where he lives if 2 months of 1 hour a week research pays off? alot of people want to know/ see him although this data is old possible he moved or died? Although i can't reveal it here due to NG rules i think. Maybe i would tell someone somewhere else somewhere where i can't get banned?

GOT YA you wish none know who the fuck in hell he is if hes even a he? He seems to draw well and hes cool

Look at me Ive got my first decent post in awhile...What this isnt intersting to you? well...not much i can do about that...Unless i rickroll do i do that again...wait who the hell are you why are you reading this no im not trying to be funny! STOP READING ThisN00b LOLOLOLOL
yeah i felt like trolling today have a problem? then go fap to your porn

Umyour porbly wondering:WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPEND?
well ill tell you